The Project...


This project started of form the ON7EQ design, but along the way changed so much that it is now a group of stolen good ideas.

SSPA Controller incl. Sequencer

Power Supply


A flatpack 2 48v 2000W is used in my 1st build and a PCB was needed to connect the mains and output. this PCB was made in KiCad to do the job

Control Board


Also this was developed in KiCad and partly used the design of F5BMI at 1st.

Because the 40x40 Display did use so many digital ports on  the Arduino Nano i decided to use a Nextion Display instead and this made other ports available to use for the sequncer.  Now the code needed to be changed a lot because of these features but managed to do it. code will be avaiable later, or send an Email to me.