This project is ment for controlling your Azimuth only antenna rotator on you PC and run your station with remote desktop.


Still many Hams use old Yaesu Kenpro Daiwa or whatever brand AC motor rotators like G-400 G600 G650 etc.

My focus was to have as cheap as possible interface that could do the job with remote desktop, but also usable while running your station in the shack.

The total cost of my 1st build was arround 30 Euro's

Did look at many systems on the market but mainly all were having extra's we do not need or made too fancy for easy use or rebuild possabilities


Did found on the web some examples what could be the start of what i have now, again most of it was having too much extra's  like elevation satelite tracking an other things but managed to get those away from the code ....


Yes an Arduino Nano was used, also because of the cost, but also nice and small.


the PC software needed to be freeware aswell my eyes did fall on Rotocraft from KK5JY he did use simple code but most important easy to use!

rest of what was needed i did put in the arduino code what has been made by Viorel OY3RAK and modified to my needs.


as most of old Yaesu rotors have a clock 180 South over 0-360 North to 180 South we made 2 separate codes also for rotors 0 to 360 degrees north over south to north.


More info to come here in September



Rotor Interface Controller