Finnished in May 2023, the galary below showing the start and several stages of this Project. thanks to a fellow Hamradio operator all is perfect now with the prebuild unit ment for 100Mhz unfortunately they used wrong impedance coax ( old was blue) what have been replaced for the correct Red ones. All resulting in less power consumption and more power at the output. Dit take a lot of programming for the Arduino before all was to my liking.


The used shield designed by me for other SSPA needed some modifications as i started using Nextion displays, this did free up some digital ports on Arduino what could be used for onboard sequenser extra voltage and temperature control

and even did think about band detection with CIV-Cat (needed to much time to program for now)


this build uses my Next-EXT-SSPA v 4.4 software version

Boards and software are avaible on request